Innopolis Open Olympiad
in Artificial Intelligence
The first Olympiad in Russia for schoolchildren and students in the AI CUP format
Innopolis University provides an opportunity for 9-11 grades and 1-2 year students from all over the world to take part in the Innopolis Open in artificial intelligence - IOAI.

This is a new profile of the Innopolis Open Olympiad, which has been held since 2015 in the fields of computer science, mathematics, information security and robotics. More than 10,000 schoolchildren from 30 countries of the world take part in it every year.
Why is it worth participating?
Why is AI technology so popular today?
The concepts and foundations of artificial intelligence were laid long ago by mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists. However, it is only in the past few decades that sophisticated algorithms and mathematical models have been able to take advantage of the tremendous growth in computing power and availability, as well as the ubiquity of data generated by people, sensors and organizations.

In what areas of life is AI used?
AI is present in almost every area of life: games, social networks, music applications, logistics, medicine, security systems ranging from home solutions to security systems for entire countries. One of the most powerful neural networks deployed by NETFLIX.

What skills will the participants of the Olympiad acquire?
Participants will understand what tasks can be solved using AI. They will become familiar with artificial intelligence algorithms that are successfully used in industry and science. Depending on the type of problem at hand, some algorithms are more suitable than others. The ability to choose the appropriate AI algorithm is a key skill that the Olympiad participants will possess.
Registration is open until December 20
* only for college students
November 20
November 20
Registration for schoolchildren
December 20
December 20
Registration for college students
All registered participants will have access to a free AI course.
November 22
November 22
First qualifying stage, online
* Only for schoolchildren
From December 1
till January 17
From December 1
till January 17
Second qualifying stage, online
January 31,
February 6-7
January 31,
February 6-7
Final, online
Results of stages
First round results
Second round results
Snakes leaderboard
Final leaderboard
Our team
Organizing Committee
Director for Pre-University Education, Innopolis University
Head of the Methodological Center
Leading specialist in design competitions
Project manager
Scientific and technical committee
Luiz Jonata
Pires de Araujo

PhD in Computer Science at the University of Nottingham (UK);
Assistant Professor in Innopolis University
Alexandr Grichshenko
Student of
Innopolis University
Student of
Innopolis University
Head of the Software Development and Maintenance Sector, Innopolis University

Place Name Score
1Inbar Wald25
2Almog Wald23
3Azamat Bayramov21
4Alexander Shishkin15
5Yaroslav Vaganov15
6Kristopher Paul12
7Maxim Romanovsky10
8Artyom Lychakov6
9Alexander Kadan3
10Alexandra Voronova3
Yaroslav Vaganov Alexander Kadan Kristopher Paul Artyom Lychakov Almog Wald Inbar Wald Azamat Bayramov Alexandra Voronova Maxim Romanovsky Alexander Shishkin
Yaroslav Vaganov
Alexander Kadan
Kristopher Paul
Artyom Lychakov
Almog Wald
Inbar Wald
Azamat Bayramov
Alexandra Voronova
Maxim Romanovsky
Alexander Shishkin
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